Create a New Plaid Hat Games Event

Holding an event in a public place in which Plaid Hat Games products are being showcased (demoing our games, running a tournament, etc)? You are highly encouraged to register that event on our Web site on this page. The following are the benefits of doing so:

  • Promotion: The event will be listed and promoted at, in our upcoming events and in our maps database for when people search for events in their area.
  • Communication: Your event will have its own unique page on our site. There, you can post updates for the event, and other members can RSVP or otherwise discuss the event via a comment section on your event's page.
  • Connect: If your event is at a local game store that's registered as a Plaid Hat Games Retailer, you can connect your event to that store, which puts your event on their store's page on our site and on the Plaid Hat Games retailer area of our site.
  • Follow-Up: After your event ends, you can post results, attendees, and more on our site and view an archive of all the events you've run at any time.

In order to post events on our Web site, first register for a user account at Then log in, visit this page again fill out the form that will appear, then click 'submit.'

You must be logged into in order to create a new event. Log in using the form in the upper right portion of the page. If you are not yet registered as a normal user, click here to register, then return to this page to begin the application process.