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When: 2:00 pm, Saturday, May 25, 2013
European Central Time

Hauptstr. 89
69245 Bammental

Our newly formed gaming group, Mook's Minions, is hosting a tournament in Bammental, Germany (near Heidelberg) on May 25, from 13:00 until 18:00.

We are a group of about 6-8 players and are interested in connecting to more players in the region.

The format will be either round-robin or swiss-style, depending on how many people intend to come. We will use pick your poison with base decks to make it accessible to as many players as possible.

Check our our facebook page for updates:

Please let us know if you are planning on coming!

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stutzkraft commented:

Looks like we are going to have a group of at least six showing up. We are pretty pumped to have our first event like this. If anyone else is still interested in joining us, just let me know!

Posted on 2013-05-20.

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Event Results

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Did it happen? yes

Number of Attendees: 6

Summary of Results:

We ended up playing a round robin style tournament with five rounds.

Divide and Conquer

Since we had a mixed level of experience, we wanted to use a format that provided some control over choosing factions in match ups, but also provide enough factions for variety. So we did two things. We only played with standard decks, so no deck-building, and I came up with a format what is called ‚??Divide and Conquer.‚?Ě

Divide and Conquer combines Pick Your Poison and Tag Team. For this format, each player selects three fractions for the whole tournament. For each matchup, 1) both players simultaneously reveal a faction of their opponent that they choose NOT to face, and THEN 2) both players simultaneously reveal one of their remaining two factions to play in the matchup.

We liked this because it meant we could play with three instead of two factions throughout the tournament, which was a nice way to add more variety. It also allowed newer players to avoid having to play against decks that they had no experience with. We felt like it worked really well and each match up always provided interesting and excruciating decisions.

Minor Magic Drain

We also played with a ‚??Minor Magic Drain.‚?Ě We were playing with chess clocks, but didn‚??t want to be too legalistic about it, using them primarily to ensure the rounds didn‚??t take too long. Yet, we also wanted the clock to have some kind of impact on the game if time ran out.

My rule essentially was that your opponent may drain one magic from your magic pile once your time runs out, being able to do this at any time during his move thereafter. It worked and served its purpose well, but we will add the ruling that your opponent may place one card from his discard pile onto his magic pile, if you no longer have any cards in your magic pile or in your hand. Minor Magic Drain only applies once in the game, when the first clock runs out. Of course there are a few scenarios where it may be of no use, but it seemed to mean that the clock was taken seriously from the beginning of the game. Furthermore, you could come up with other variations, like a Minor Summoning Surge, but the point is to have some kind of effect on the game a clock runs out.


We had fun. We are more convinced that Summoner Wars is a great game for tournaments. We would like to organize more of these. The next one will likely be the Schriesheim Summoning, dates still to be determined.

The winner was BenniB (on iOS) who beat out me (stutzkraft on iOS) for first place. We both ended up with 4-1 records, but he beat me in the head to head match up giving him the overall win.

Player Rankings:

Benja 4-1 (VG,GD,SE)
Dave 4-1 (ME,SG,CG)
Benni 3-2 (FL,SO,BE)
Christian 2-3 (GD,PE,TO)
Silas 1-4 (PE,SG,MV)
Pascal 1-4 (TO,GD,JE)


SE 2-0
SO 2-0
ME 1-0
MV 1-0
GD 4-2
SG 2-1
CG 1-1
FL 1-1
VG 1-1
BE 0-1
JE 0-1
TO 0-2
PE 0-4

Approval Status of Results: approved credit awarded: Coupon awarded: 10

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