It's preview day again!

Stoneflesh Mutant, a Mutation of the Filth

First off, we see the Stoneflesh Mutant, whose name is obvious once we see its ability: it is a moveable Wall!  Well, let us be precise: you can summon next to Stoneflesh as if he were a Wall; there are several game effects that happen to or around Walls, but they do not affect Stoneflesh.  But the possibilities for him are intriguing, given the way the Filth can swap Mutations in and out.  Figuring out nasty things to do with Stoneflesh will be left as an exercise to the reader.  Look for him in the upcoming Reinforcement Pack, Saella's Precision.  


Splack, Champion of the Swamp Orcs

Splack is the second Swamp Orc Champion from Bellor's Retribution, Murk being the first one previewed.  It should come as no shock to learn that Splack has a new way of placing Vine Walls on the Battlefield.  But it is happy news to learn that he can place them without destroying anything -- all he has to do is attack!  Hit or Miss, if the Unit is still there, he can spend a Magic Point and plant a Vine Wall underneath his target.  This can be very annoying to enemies who may find it difficult to move away without killing the vines first.  Splack's only regret is that he cannot pin down Summoners this way, but he will be a welcome addition to many Swamp Orc armies.  


Until next week!