Well, in case you weren't aware already, both new Reinforcement Packs have been announced, so here is the second half of the announcement.  In addition to Bellor's Retribution, the other pack, Saella's Precision, will have reinforcements for the last factions to appear: the Filth and the Mercenaries.

Saella's Precision Reniforcement PackSaella, Champion of the Mercenaries

Looking at the title character, I have to conclude that Saella is a rogue Phoenix Elf.  Not only does she have elfin ears, but she has the same Precise ability that the PE Guardians have, and that the Spirit of the Phoenix Event card grants.  I bet Prince Elien is not happy with her at all for leaving the fold, but everyone else is happy -- if they get her to fight on their side.  An automatic 2 wounds per attack is very valuable -- and her Summon Cost reflects it.  I can already hear the gears grinding in the heads of SWs deck builders about how to best use Saella. 

But that's not all.  The BoardGameGeek.com site for Saella's Precision lists the full contents of the pack!  Let's take a look:

Filth Units
1 Her - Champion
1 Vomitus - Champion
1 Absorption Mutant
1 Incanter Mutant
1 Spellsucker Mutant
1 Stoneflesh Mutant
1 Void Mutant
5 Anointed - Common

Mercenary Units
1 Saella - Champion
1 Duggle - Champion
1 Rath - Champion
1 Urick - Champion
5 Sword Grounders - Common
5 Bow Grounders - Common
5 Time Mages - Common

The Filth deck is unique in its makeup, and so are their reinforcements.  The original solitary Champion (the Abomination) has 2 more Champions to keep it company; and there is now a third type of Common, and 5 more Mutations to choose from.  If I had to guess which one is on the cover, I'd say the Champion Her, though it could well be one of the Mutations or an Anointed for all I'd know.  They all have great names, very provocative to the imagination, enough to make the 3 months a long time to wait. 

The Mercenaries' names, by contrast, are either opaque (for the Champions) or straight-forward (for the Commons).   If you are thinking that there are too many Mercenary Units, you are both right and wrong: if you combine the 3 Champions and 2 kinds of Commons typical of most factions' reinforcements, with the 1 Merc Champion and 1 kind of Merc Common that each pack contains, you get the 4 Champs and 3 Commons we see here.  So it's what we'd expect, though it is more than any other faction gets.  It will be great to see what they all can do. 


While we're at it, let's look at the contents of Bellor's Retribution, something I did not have when I wrote the earlier article:

Mountain Vargath Units
1 Bellor - Champion
1 Luka - Champion
1 Varn - Champion
5 Wardens - Common
5 Storm Mages - Common

Swamp Orc Units
1 Murk - Champion
1 Glurp - Champion
1 Splack - Champion
5 Swamp Beasts - Common
5 Conjurers - Common

Mercenary Units
1 Kogar - Champion
5 Rogues - Common

Just as above, the Champions' names are mysterious, and the Commons' names are suggestive.  I am delighted about these things I've noticed: Storm Mages probably have lightning-related powers like Quen does; new Swamp Orc Champions have splashing-mud names just like their predecessors; and the SOs apparently have their own beastie like most other factions have.

Until next week!


Joseph commented:

Hey, once you release previews of a unit, if it isn't too much trouble, could you write up the bios for that unit? That would be cool, and for me, it would make the 3 month wait slightly more bearable. Thank you.

Posted on 2012-06-28.

joepinion commented:

I'm guessing a big stack of bios will all come at once, near the release date. That's all up to Mr. Bistro.

Counting cards here... Take away 1 merc common and 1 merc champ as those are always in a reinforcement pack... That leaves 2 merc commons and 3 merc champs. Typical of a reinforcement pack.

But with the Filth, we are one short. Count the common and the mutations as 2 commons (5 of each, normal). That should leave room for 3 champs, but there's only 2. So there's one less card in this pack. Why would that be? Perhaps another rule card is required... Not sure why, perhaps the Anointed are a 1-cost common and clarifying rules are needed as far as whether you can mutate them for one less magic, etc.

Posted on 2012-06-29.

Barliman commented:

Joseph: If we reporters are given bios, we'll post them. But you'll probably have to wait for those units to appear in the Faction pages to get the bios.

joepinion: In the playtest version of the Filth reinforcements there were 6 Anointed, which made the total number of cards 32, the same as most other Reinforcement Packs. I asked why it was reduced to 5, and was told because all other reinforcement Commons come in groups of 5.

I don't know if the change to 5 was done out of habit or careful deliberation. The Filth are different enough that having 6 Anointed seemed fitting to me -- they have 6 each of the only 2 other kinds of Filth Commons, after all. But however that goes, it's out of everyone's hands because it's at the printer now.

EDIT: I just noticed the comment about another rule card. There are no new rules with the Reinforcement Pack. I think another Rules Card could have been useful, to answer ambiguous points in the earlier Filth Rules Card; but we'll

Posted on 2012-06-29.

chardris77 commented:

But we'll...?

Posted on 2012-07-02.

prometheuslkr commented:

The number of cards in a reinforcement is not constant, as illustrated by Hawk's Strike. I think the general trend is, the fewer different cards there are, the more actual cards there are.
The Jungle Elves have 4 different cards in their reinforcement (Kadara, Elephant, Gorilla, and Jungle Guard), so they have 16 total cards. The PE have 5 different cards (3 champs and 2 commons), so they have 13 total cards. The Filth have a whopping 8 different cards in Saella's Precision (2 champs, 5 mutations, and 1 common), so they only get 12 total cards.

And I think 5x of each common works well because that means that if you buy 2 of a reinforcement, you have exactly the maximum amount of a single common (10) that you can use in a deck.

Posted on 2012-07-12.

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