It's preview day again!

Murk, Champion of the Swamp Orcs

Murk, one of the Champions to be found in Bellor's Retribution, adds something new to the Swamp Orc arsenal: he gets an offensive advantage when his target is adjacent to a Vine Wall.  (Compare him to Glarg and Hunters, who get an advantage for being on or moving on or off of a Vine Wall.)  Combine that with his ranged attack, and Murk becomes a tempting choice for the SO deck-builders. 

Vomitus, Champion of the Filth

Now I have to admit that Vomitus is the most disgusting-looking Unit in the Filth, and that's really saying something.  But he is also really cool!  He is a perfect complement to his earlier colleague the Abomination: the Abomination has a variable Attack Value, and Vomitus a variable range, both of which are rolled for at the beginning of the Attack Phase.  At his best moments, Vomitus can shoot farther than any other Unit in the game.  Look for him in Saella's Precision.

Until next week!