Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Duggle and Luka

Previews from the Vargath and Mercenaries

Today's first preview is Duggle, a new Mercenary Champion who will appear in Saella's Precision.  

Duggle, Champion of the Mercenaries

Whether or not it is Rallul's doing, we are seeing several factions being represented here in his Reinforcement Pack.  Saella is a rogue Phoenix Elf, and judging from his stature, tatoos, and equipment, Duggle is a rogue Deep Dwarf.  He also appears to be a nasty fighter: after attacking a Common Unit he may move and attack again, at a cost of 1 Magic Point -- which cost is typical for the Deep Dwarves.

There are several Units that can attack more than once, and it's interesting to compare their different limitations.  Units with Swift Strike or Swift Shot can always attack again immediately, but their AV is only 1.  JE Gorillas and SG Bombers may attack once again if they roll right on their first attack.  SE Rangers may be placed onto the space of a Unit they destroy, and may attack once more at a 1MP cost.  Units with Fury, like Duggle, are the only ones who can both move and attack again; but Fury Units can do it more than once -- as long as they get a separate die roll of 5 or more each time.  And the Vargath Quen, just like Duggle, must pay 1MP to attack once again, but she may not move; however she may do it after any attack, while Duggle can only do it after attacking Commons.  

Speaking of Mountain Vargath Champions, the other preview is of Luka, a champion in the Bellor's Retribution Reinforcement Pack, and she is very interesting indeed.  

Luka, Champion of the Mountain Vargath

Luka is the third kind of MV Unit we have seen who can wield Lightning.  But instead of using it for stronger attacks like Quen and Storm Mages do, she has somehow leaned how to use it to weaken her opponents.  Any enemy Unit that starts a turn 3 spaces or less away from Luka cannot use its Special Abilities!  In many circumstances this can be a powerful weapon, whether for offense or defense, since this works during each player's turn.  Of course, Units that are summoned, moved or placed close to her are not affected during that turn, so there are ways around her Disruption Field.  And Units whose Abilities are handicaps will love her, so she may be of limited help with the Tundra Orcs.  But I am going to have fun figuring out how many ways I can use her to mess up my foes.  

Until next week!  

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