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Guardians Hero Preview: Valkyrie & Venger

Hard hitting heroes, ready for a fight!

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Welcome to another Guardians hero preview! Remember, Guardians is available for preorder now, and is hitting retailers and our own web store soon. We’re nearing the end of the ten heroes in Guardians, with plenty of cards already revealed. There are nearly endless combinations of heroes and strategies in Guardians, and as we explore the remaining heroes we’re excited to hear what teams you’re excited to draft! This week we’re taking a look at two heroes that have a strong synergy themselves. Let’s take a closer look at Valkyrie and Venger!

Valkyrie Cards


The unforgiving hero Valkyrie is a force to be reckoned with. Her Spirit of War ability gives her +2 attack for each other exhausted friendly hero. This means if each other hero on your team is exhausted, Valkyrie is swinging in with 7 attack! Teams with Valkyrie will want to exploit this ability as much as possible by aggressively exhausting their heroes. Luckily, the Battlebond action card is ideal for making sure your team doesn’t stay out for long. Even if Valkyrie is exhausted from attacking, Vengeance is a reaction that can surprise opponents and get her back in the fight. Allfather’s Blessing is a powerful utility card as it allows you to recover from exhausting your team for Valkyrie. Finally, Ragnarok is a devastating ultimate card capable of knocking out your opponent’s entire team! The best team for Valkyrie is one that can easily exhaust friendly heroes for benefits, and one hero that exemplifies that is Venger. Let’s take a closer look at that gunslinging fighter!

Venger Card Line


This gun-toting mercenary is the first hero in our previews to have an Exhaust ability. The Quick Fire ability allows a player to exhaust Venger during their action phase to deal 3 damage to an enemy hero at Venger’s location. On the surface, this is about the same as attacking with Venger, but Exhaust abilities don’t cost an action, meaning it’s essentially a free attack! From there we move on to Split Shot, an action card that deals 2 damage to each enemy hero, regardless of range. Split Shot and Venger’s Quick Fire ability work in tandem to allow players to use Shatterpoint on already damaged heroes for a serious hit. Between that and his Biometric Visor utility card, many enemy heroes are going to end up powerlocked against himr! Lastly, Shadow Bolt is a low-cost ultimate that hits even harder against damage enemies.

Battlebond Feathered

That’s it for this week. Only two heroes remain in the base game! Remember, Guardians is available for preorder now and will be hitting stores in the next few weeks! Be sure to order your copy now, and don’t forget to check out our other Guardians previews below!

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