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Guardians: Tactical Advantage

Explore the different card types in Guardians!

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Yoshida Kenzo ducked between the bulky storage containers of the warehouse as the mercenary hit squad closed in on him. His augmented limbs cast a soft blue light on the walls and crates, old dust spinning in the illumination.

“Fan out!” he heard a distorted voice squawk over a nearby radio. “Surround then close in. He doesn’t leave here alive.” White beams from gun-mounted flashlights began to shine out from the paths between container stacks. “Report in,” squawked the voice again.

“M1, all clear,” replied a merc.

“M2, all clear,” said another.

“M3, all clear.”

“M4, all clear,” said Yoshida into the radio. He pulled his sword from a mercenary’s armored body. Then pulling a pack from his belt, tossed it up and over to land near the middle of the room. It clanged against a metal container and fell noisily to the concrete ground.

“We’ve got movement!” someone called, and Yoshida smiled as all the flashlights rushed to converge in the center. “Where is he?” the voice called out, and Yoshida rolled into view. He stabbed his sword into the ground at his feet, slicing through the concrete like it was soft clay. A sonic boom echoed out as a wave of force emanated from the blade. The concussive blast radiated outward, tossing combatants and multi-ton storage containers like they were nothing. People screamed as they were battered or crushed and gunfire rang out wildly. As the dust began to settle, Yoshida returned the blade to the scabbard on his back and headed for the exit.

Rebuke Art

Strategic Might

Welcome to another Guardians preview! We’ve explored a lot of how the core mechanics of the game works, including the action phase and location cards, so it’s time to take a closer look at the various types of cards available to players! Each hero has their own unique power deck and ultimate card, and these decks all contain a variety of cards used to bring the fight to your opponent. Let’s take a look at each card type players will find in a hero’s power deck.

Rapid Strike

Attack with Purpose

The action card is an important tool for any player’s strategy, representing powerful attacks and abilities your hero possesses. Action cards cost one of the three actions available to players each turn, as their cost indicates. Also remember that certain action cards have a Ready Cost cost as well, meaning the corresponding hero must be readied to play that card. While action cards are limited to the action phase of a player’s turn, they are key to gaining the advantage against their opponent. Playing a powerful action card is almost always more beneficial that simply attacking with a hero.


React when Provoked

Next up are reaction cards. These can be played from hand in response to certain game events. Not every hero has reaction cards in their power deck, so it pays to know which heroes do! That being said, too many reaction cards might slow your strategy down, so it’s important to draft a balanced team in this regard. Also note that certain reaction cards contain a Ready Cost cost, meaning they can only be played if the corresponding hero is readied. Keep an eye on this to make sure you can surprise your opponent with a reaction card at a key moment!

Lotus Blade

Utilize your Strengths

Utility cards occupy a unique space in each hero’s power deck. Each hero’s power deck contains a single utility card that players can use during their action phase. Utility cards don’t require an action to play and typically have effects that are slightly less powerful than an action card. Utility cards can provide a quick boost on the turn they’re played to set up powerful combos.

This article concludes our rules previews for Guardians! Thanks so much for reading and be sure to check in next week as we start previewing the heroes and their cards! You can find our previous Guardians articles below, and Guardians is available for preorder now.

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