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Guardians Hero Preview: Harbinger & Kosi

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Hello, and welcome back for another Guardians hero preview! The base game of Guardians contains 10 unique heroes and each week we’re taking a look at the cards for two of them. Today we’ll be looking at Harbinger and Kosi. Harbinger is one of the most powerful heroes in Guardians, but that power comes at the price of mobility. Kosi, on the other hand, can teleport across the battlefield with ease and target your opponent’s weakest heroes! Let’s take a closer look at each of these powerhouses.


Harbinger Cards


Harbinger can be a tricky hero to use at first. While his stats are impressive with 4 attack and 12 life, the Immobile ability means Harbinger can’t be moved by card effects or the move action. This is beneficial if your opponent is trying to dislodge Harbinger from a key location, but it also means the player controlling Harbinger can’t move the hero either. Outside of placing Harbinger after being knocked out, or using some of the cards below, Harbinger isn’t leaving the location he’s deployed to. Luckily, Full-Auto is a great action card for clearing out Harbinger’s location and establishing control. While Full-Auto allows for some lane-clearing power, Mortar Wall is a great option for damaging enemy heroes at range (while shielding allies of Harbinger in the process. Redeployment can place Harbinger at any location, so be sure to save it for when this massive hero needs to go mobile. Finally, Armored Assault deals a massive amount of damage to each enemy at a single location, and the power lock effect means they won’t have much in the way of retaliation. Harbinger’s kit is all about holding a single location and pushing back your enemy’s advances. Now let’s take a look at Kosi, a very mobile hero with some serious attack power!


Kosi Cards



When Kosi is on the battlefield, nowhere is safe. Her Spirit Strike ability allows her to instantly move to any location after an enemy hero there is damaged. Couple this with both Relentless Pursuit and Hunter’s Fury and Kosi’s global range makes her a force to be reckoned with. While these two cards function very similarly, knowing which of the two to use in the right situation can seriously hobble your opponent’s heroes. The Kikabii Dagger is another strong tool for hitting enemies from afar and triggering Spirit Strike. Lasty, Spirit Unleash  is a very powerful combo card that can move the control token at a location three spaces if used properly. There are many heroes that can withstand the initial damage of this ultimate only to be knocked out in the next action by Kosi and her 4 attack.

Armored Assault

Thanks for joining us for another hero preview!  Be sure to check out our other Guardians previews below. We’ll have another preview next week covering two more heroes from the base game. Remember, Guardians is available for preorder now and will be hitting retailers and our own web store very soon!

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