For this week's preview we will start with the Swamp Orc Conjurers:

Conjurer, Common of the Swamp Orcs

These Common units do something we haven't seen Swamp Orcs do before: they destroy Vine Walls!  But a Conjurer gets advantage out of it: doing so either adds 1 to its Attack Value, or gives it a ranged attack.  This is similar to the Mercenary Apprentice Mages, who get their increase by spending a Magic Point.  Vine Walls do not cost Magic Points, so whether or not to use up a Vine Wall for a Conjurer boost will depend not on the status of the Magic Pile, but instead on the tactical situation on the Battlefield.  


The second preview is something that has been long awaited, the mysterious figure at the back of the cover to Saella's Precision: Her! 

Her, Champion of the Filth

This unique unit is not a disgusting deformity of humanity, like the other Filth Champions or Mutations.  But she still looks creepy -- I doubt I would ever want to meet her.  And in game terms she is truly fearsome: with her mystical eyes she can attack any Common or Champion Unit, no matter where it is on the Battlefield!  This can be truly terrifying, especially to factions with many low-life Units on the field.  Enemy Summoners can take heart in two things: they are not directly vulnerable to Her; and her services are not cheap.  A Summon Cost of 6 is high for a Champion with only 3 Life Points and an Attack Value of 1.  But the fact that she can attack any non-Summoner Unit, no matter how far away or how protected, will make her a valuable additional to the Filth forces, even at that price. 


Until next week!