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Introducing Light and Fire Clan!

Two new Clans join the battle!

BannerHello, Crystal Clans fans! We hope you're enjoying exploring the six clans of the base game so far, and don't forget that we're in the midst of previews for Fang, Shadow, Leaf and Feather Clans as we speak! That's certainly a lot of units to keep an eye on, but we decided we'd add even more clans to the mix with today's announcement! Two new clans, Light and Fire, will be available soon from retailers and our own web store! Let's take a closer look at these two dynamic clans and how they bring their own unique heat to the battlefield.

Fire Clan PackagePlaying with Fire

First off, we have the hotheads of the Fire Clan. These units are experts at scorching enemy squads, but you might get burned yourself if you play with Fire Clan! The Consume ability puts many squads on a timer, cutting through your lower units to keep the heat on your opponent. In the right hands, the Fire Clan is a controlled burn, but be careful that they don't get out of control on you!Light Clan Mock up

The Enlightened Path

In contrast to the raging inferno of the Fire Clan, the Light Clan strives for balance in all things. Their units can be quite the challenge on the battlefield, but it's the power of their Prayer ability off the battlefield that players need to keep an eye on. Any unit with Prayer can be mystically transformed into the ever-fleeting initiative players need to win the battle, or even into another unit from the Light Clan's deck. This gives the devout Common units of the Light Clan an opportunity to transform into the powerful Avatar heroes that lie in wait. We'll explore both unit types in a future preview, but just know that for the Light Clan, there are many paths to victory!

That's all for now! Be sure to check out the previews for the base game of Crystal Clans, available now, below if you haven't already. Additionally, don't forget to check out the Shadow and Fang Clan previews to see some upcoming units of the next available sets. We'll have plenty of Crystal Clans previews soon so check back often for more information!

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