Here is the latest Crystal Clans preview. Weve been showing off some of the game's art the past few weeks, including the Meteor Clan, the Skull Clan, the Flower Clan, and the Blood Clan.

Although we can't tell you everything about how the game works yet, it's safe to say that valuable CRYSTALS will play a key role in what drives the conflict. In this world, powerful gems are what the clans seek, and only those who charge forward boldly will earn the power that comes with them.

This week I give you the Stone Clan.

The above is King Horgath, a hero unit in the Stone Clan.  Members of this faction believe there is power in structure and tradition.  The Stone Clan are built to last, and that is their greatest strength.

Here is another sketch board from the amazing Martin Abel. (Click the image for a full view.)

Stone Clan concepts

See you next week!