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Crystal Clans Preview: Alpha Dogs

Check out some of the units found in the upcoming Fang Clan!

Fang BannerHello, Crystal Clans fans! My name is Jeffrey Berman and I'm the lead playtester for Crystal Clans. Today I'm going to be showing off some of the awesome new units coming up in Fang, Leaf, Shadow and Feather Clan! We'll be exploring all of the awesome units found in these clans over the next few weeks. Remeber, all four clans are available now for preorder on the Plaid Hat Games webstore. Let's go ahead and kick off this series of previews with a closer look at the Fang Clan! The Fang Clan is unrivaled in strength and toughness, but power is nothing without discipline.  Order is maintained by their strong leaders, the Alphas.

Fang Reference Card

Leaders of the Pack

The Alpha ability helps to ensure that each squad is led by a dominant unit.  You can even have more than one Alpha in a single squad.  So while Alpha on its own doesn’t seem like it would affect your squads too much, sometimes strong leaders have some eccentric quirks. As we'll see below, there are plenty of units in Fang Clan that want to be the leader of the pack!

Bear Cavalry

Bear Cavalry

Bears are one my favorite animals.  They’re strong, they’re fast, and they love to eat.  In Crystal Clans, the Bear Cavalry are no different.  No other common unit has this much combined attack and defense, especially not at this activation cost.  Except these bears don’t eat honey -  they prefer to chomp down on your deck.  The Hungry ability triggers on every action that you take until the Bear Rider is no longer leading its squad.  And if you have multiple squads led by Bear Riders, you’ll be depleting your deck faster than you can shout “BEAR!"

Racoon Warriors

Raccoon Warriors

Simply put, Raccoon Warriors are “mad” for fighting; their high attack value is great for going after even the toughest of enemies, but a rabid animal is not entirely sound of mind.  When Raccoon Warriors do not get to engage in battle, they will turn on their own.  Players must be careful when considering the order and construction of their squads to avoid such a costly penalty.

Hunting Caracals

Hunting Caracals

While those Raccoon Warriors were mad for fighting, Hunting Caracals are instead made for fighting.  They care not for the acquisition of crystals, and will in fact prevent you from taking the Score action while they lead a squad.  Make sure you leave yourself enough initiative to perform a reorder before you go in for the score.



Many of the abilites we've shown off so far require you to be mindful of the drawbacks Fang Clan must suffer for their power, and Pilo is no different. If you can channel the full fury of Pilo's squad, there shouldn't be a survivor left after battle,  but a tricky opponent can really put a wrinkle in Pilo’s game plan, especially with some clever battle card play. This could force him to destroy one of his own units!



No one loves taking advantage of Fang Clan’s strength more than Lyca.  When she teams up with her other Alphas, nothing can stand in her squad's way. Many times, though, you'll only get one shot with her, so be sure to make it count!

That's all for now! Be sure to join us later in the week we explore even more units from the upcoming Fang, Shadow, Feather and Leaf Clan! Remeber, all four clans are available for preorder now in the Plaid Hat Games Webstore! If you haven't already, be sure to check out the previwes for the six clans already available in the Crystal Clans Base Game! Thanks for reading!

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