For today's preview we get to see two champions from the upcoming Reinforcement Pack Bellor's Retribution

Varn, Champion of the Mountain Vargath

The Vargath love to hit hard, and it's surprising how many different ways they find to do it.  In Varn's case, he increases his Attack Value for each friendly Vargath adjacent to him.  If done right, that means he can roll 5 dice in a single attack.  Ouch!  

Kogar, Champion of the Mercenaries

The other Champion is not a Swamp Orc -- sorry about that -- but the Mercenary Champion included is also worth seeing.  For one thing, he is probably from another race: he's obviously reptilian, but looks quite different from the Vekkid Khexku.  For another, his Grapple ability is pretty nice.  He grabs an adjacent Common unit, and not only stops it from attacking or moving, but then wounds it at the start of the next turn. Either the paralysis or the extra damage can be quite useful.  But the damage might be avoided in several ways: placing (not moving) the victim elsewhere; changing it to another unit (e.g. Mutation); moving Kogar away; or destroying him.  None of which is always available, so when Kogar is in the battle, take care of your Commons!

Until next week!