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Crystal Clans: The Final Crystals

Our last preview is a Bitter Blessing

Crystal Clans

We've reached the end of our Crystal Clans previews! You can now read a whole ton about Crystal Clans by clicking the links at the bottom of this article, which showcase the game's core rules and every card in the game.

We sprinkled images of the game's crystal cards throughout those articles, but we still have 4 left that haven't been previewed. Of course, to win Crystal Clans, you need to gain 4 crystal cards. Each card gained gets you closer to victory, but also gives you a benefit with its mysterious power.

The Bitter Blessing

The bitter blessing doesn't directly help you, but instead impedes your opponent by placing their best card into the discard pile. In addition, you get to see her entire hand. Knowing what your opponent has in hand is a great boon in Crystal Clans, as it helps you know what battle cards would be played and more.

The Slumbering Star

Got that pricey hero that you just can't find the time to summon? The Slumbering Star is for you. Protect your home zone, save some initiative, and decorate your stronghold with a beautiful crystal, all with one card.

The Wind's Wish

The Wind's Wish stacks your discard pile with the cards you need most, whether for summoning or for battling. Heroes are especially strong targets for The Wind's Wish, as they tend to be stronger than Common units.

The Broken Vessel

Lastly, we have the most unique crystal in Crystal Clans, The Broken Vessel. The Broken Vessel is different in that using it actually removes it from the game - it takes you further away from winning. However, gaining this crystal gives your opponent a very difficult consideration when building squads. If they back you into a corner in battle, you can split The Broken Vessel and their entire squad will be destroyed. Sometimes just the threat of this crystal is enough to get the job done.

We hope you've enjoyed our Crystal Clans previews! Check out the rest of the articles below if you haven't yet. We cannot announce a release date for Crystal Clans yet, but keep visiting for the latest news and updates regarding our upcoming releases.

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