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Crystal Clans: Demoralized

The Water Clan, Part 2

Crystal Clans

And here we have arrived at the end of unit previews for the Crystal Clans base set! Today we wrap up the Water Clan. In part 1 of the Water Clan preview, we saw the slipperiness and flexibility of the Water Clan. They fight by unconventional means. That certainly applies to Blue Oracles!

Blue Oracles

Blue Oracles can Flank with the best of them, but usually the Oracles don't need to deal with the toughest enemy unit at all. You can take ANY unit, hero, common, top unit, bottom unit, or in between, and send it home.

But if a Blue Oracle isn't available, Misha Undertow can simply fight fire with fire.

Misha Undertow

Attack Link assures that Misha will not be outmatched in battle. Besides that, though, her battle effects neutralize what the enemy is trying to do. Parry, move, and strike - a good Water Clan player makes the right move at the right time.

Alongside Misha, Harlow and Sonya round out the Water Clan heroes.

Harlow TidebringerSonya Saltdaughter

These 2 have complementary stats, and abilities that demonstrate their devotion to the Water Clan and to each other. Play these cards just right (sometimes with 1 as a battle card for a large bonus) and you can cycle them back into your hand endlessly.

The Water Clan has a great variety of effects. When facing a strong Water player, you feel like you're being hit with punches from every direction. Sometimes even from your own people.


Sirens are expensive, but the payoff of getting them to work - especially if they can gain a hero unit, is huge. The rules make clear that discarded cards always go to their owners' discard pile, so your opponent will get the unit back after one use. But the psychological edge alone of using their own unit against them is joyous.

Check out the links below for previews of all the clan cards. But we're not quite done! There are still a few crystals left to preview. Come back next week and see!

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