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Crystal Clans: Horgath's Call

The Stone Clan, Part 2

Crystal Clans

The time of the Crystals draws near! We are getting close to wrapping up the Crystal Clans previews, and then it will just be waiting for the game's release! Today we wrap up the Stone Clan. A few weeks ago we learned about how Builders can summon Structure units straight to their own zone on the battlefield. Let's continue our look at how the Stone Clan works with the sturdy, but slow, structure units.


Lithomancers can build structure units as well as anybody, but besides that, they have vision for what the Stone Clan can build next. When you've used up all your ballistas, the Lithomancers can ensure they'll be back.


Horgath has the vision of the Lithomancers, but can bring about an entire army of Ballistas or Siege Towers. Horgath is the real genius behind the Stone Clan's ingenuity, and has unlocked the key to building living structures.

Horgath's Stone Golem

Horgath's Stone Golem is one of the biggest and baddest units in the game. It's a bit expensive and slow, but when Horgath is on the battlefield, he can bring the Golem right to the fight. In the meantime, if your draw the Golem first, he's a reliable +4 defense that usually stays in your hand waiting for Horgath to arrive.

As you might have surmised in our last Stone Clan preview when viewing the Siege Towers, Golems are a big part of the Stone culture. Most important, perhaps, are the Supply Golems.

Supply Golem

Supply Golems help you build a network of speed. Although the Stone Clan has a slow build-up, if they get their infrastructure in place, they become an unstoppable force.

Once you have the crystal zones in hand, all that is left is to defend them.


Sentinels really embody the Stone Clan as a whole. They're resourceful as builders, and they meet their enemies face-to-face. In advanced Crystal Clans play, the fact that battles are optional becomes a big part of the strategy - deciding when to attack and when to just get in the way. Sentinels settle that question, however.

Next week is our final Water Clan preview, and then we'll have a few crystals left to show off! See you next week.

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