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Crystal Clans: Support the Horde

The Blood Clan, Part 2

Crystal Clans

Thanks to everyone who demoed Crystal Clans at Gen Con last week! People really loved playing the game, and we can't wait to get it into your hands!

In the meantime, we've still got some Clan previews to wrap up! A few weeks ago we revealed the twist to the Blood Clan - while other Clans have a squad limit of 3, the Horde ability allows many Blood squads to have any number of units in them. Marauders and Trappers can stack up fast, and the following units also support this Horde strategy.


Shamans are quite weak, but they allow you to summon straight from your draw pile instead of your hand. This can save you from having to constantly replenish your hand while building your giant squads.

All those big squads, though, also lead to a lot of dead Blood Clan units. So as not to have to reshuffle your deck (and thus give away a crystal card) before your opponent, Elders are here to help.


Elders are tough and fast, and and they help keep your draw pile tall despite moving through cards faster than most other clans.

Lastly, the Chieftains support the Horde strategy by increasing the attack of the squad based on the number of Devout units in it.


Chieftains themselves are Devout, as well as Elders and Trappers. So a lot of the deck builds into the Chieftains' ability.

A different sort of way, though, to take advantage of these giant squads, is to have another set of units that can move around the board swiftly. A few weeks back we showed the game's first flying units in the Flower Clan. Within the Crystal Clans base set, the Blood Clan is the other deck that includes flying units, starting with Condor.


Condor is a strong and powerful card with a large cost. His battle effects are rather strong too (although you always lose the card when played that way). He has some nasty companions too.

Aarock Riders

The Aarock Riders are inexpensive for a flying unit, and they don't last long with just 1 defense, but they pack a big punch and can fly across the board with stunning surprise. Aarock Riders are a great unit for the invade action.

We are drawing closer to Crystal Clans' arrival! Be on the lookout around the online board game world this week for impressions from people who played the game - it's great! We'll see you here next week where we'll preview the rest of the Stone Clan.

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