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Crystal Clans: The Power of Nature

The Flower Clan, Part 2

Crystal Clans

It's Gen Con week! Be sure to stop by our booth and play Crystal Clans yourself! We're booth #1537.

Today we get to show you the rest of the Flower clan! In our first Flower Clan preview, you saw the Sleep signature ability which reduces the attack value of the top unit of the opponent's squad to 0. So Flower's strength is not always in raw power, but often in hidden pockets underneath the surface.

Dandelion Knights

Dandelion Knights are not ferocious, and they don't last too long. But somehow you're still happy to see them in your hand. You can add them to the bottom of your squad for free, and when they are defeated in battle, you end up getting initiative (and a card) back on the investment. These Knights provide a similar bonus as a battle card, too.

Rosepetal Dancers

Rosepetal Dancers have the Sleep signature ability and pack a punch to go with that ability. The combination of these dancers and the Dandelion Knights are fast and cheap. The Flower Clan can often sprint out to a quick first crystal thanks to the speed of units like this. That speed also helps them take advantage of opportunities like the one offered by The Twin Crystal.

The Twin Crystal

When the Twin Crystal shows up, all of the sudden, the game shifts, and the home zones become as important as the crystal zones. Crystal Clans players always need to keep an eye on what crystals are available and the kind of impact they could have when scored.


The Flower Clan employs a variety of nature creatures and the Menders are yet another. The Menders can save your units from death, even more than 1! Discourage your enemy by putting this unit out front - there is nothing they can do to destroy the units below it.


Mother is the leader of the Flower Clan. When used as a battle card, she can remove a card in the battle from the game. Removing a card from the game is extra strong, because it means that unit won't show back up after a reshuffle. And, if the game goes long, your opponent's deck will reshuffle faster.

Our final Flower Clan unit leans into that same strategy.

Spirit Guide

Spirit Guides appear to their pupils in the form they most need to see, and leads those pupils on a path of enlightenment. Great for the pupil, not so great for their abandoned teammates.

For those who can make it to Gen Con this year, see you at the booth! For those who cannot, we'll see you next week as we wrap up the Blood Clan!

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