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Crystal Clans: Look to the Sky

The Meteor Clan, Part 2

Crystal Clans

We're most of the way through our Crystal Clans preview, so I bet you want to play the game! Well you can if you're in Indianapolis, Indiana next week for Gen Con. We'll be demoing the game all week at the booth! We'd love to see you there.

It's time for more Meteor Clan cards! A few weeks back, we introduced two aspects of the Meteor Clan - their predictive abilities that leverage and pressure your opponent's battle cards, and the Knights that make up the main fighting force of the clan.

Today, we'll look ath the rest of the surprises the Meteor Clan has in store.

Head Astrologer Quila

Head Astrologer Quila packs quite a punch for 1 initiative, and features the signature Predict ability. In addition, she allows you to stack any deck you want - your draw pile, your opponent's or even the crystal deck.

Or, if there is a particular card or 2 you need, you can use her as a battle card to ensure you get it.


Astrologers are a more common form of Astrologer with the same ability but with more modest stats and a different battle effect. These scholars study under Quila and have learned well.

The rest of the Meteor Mage deck leverages the great learning of the Meteor scholars for magical purposes.

Gravity Mages

Gravity Mages are able to pull on the power from their nearby friendly squads for protection. When the battlefield is full, this unit can become difficult to take down. Or, as a battle card, it can supplement the defense of any squad.

Speaking of boosting defense, here is a defense-oriented crystal card we have yet to preview.

Mygard's Shield

This crystal allows you to protect your squad in a battle that is the most important to you. The Steer's Crown does the same thing, except on offense.

Steer's Crown

And really, the Meteor Clan is not so much about stacking up huge numbers as it is getting the numbers you need at just the right time. Meteor Mages, while packing a nice offensive punch themselves, allow you to get just the right card into your hand for battling as well.

Meteor Mage

And the final hero unit for the Meteor Clan, The Astral Twins, support your squads all over the battlefield. Occasionally they might appear back in your hand, but that's just a great time to blast through a difficult unit thanks to the Twins' potent battle effect.

Astral Twins

So that is the Meteor Clan! They are magic, battling, knights, but they are also the clan for the thinking player, who has a good memory and who wants to control the outcome of the battle above all else.

Next week we'll return to the Flower Clan! And don't forget to stop by our booth at Gen Con for a Crystal Clans demo!

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