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Crystal Clans: The Keeper of Souls

The Skull Clan, Part 2

Crystal Clans

Now that our previews have given you a taste of all six clans in the base set of Crystal Clans, let's loop back around to the Skull Clan and see what else is in their deck. You can check out the first Skull Clan preview here, and the other preview articles are linked at the bottom of this page.


From the last Skull preview, we know that Reanimated units all have the Undying ability, which allows them to be summoned from your discard pile. The Necromancers allow those summons to be up on the front lines, perhaps even in the very zone from which they were just banished!

Enchanter Malek

Enchanter Malek has the same ability, giving this potent power to a hero with beefed up stats. Both of these units have decent defense in order to survive long enough to summon the dead far forward; but Malek packs a nasty punch as well.

The Skull Clan's ability to bring units back from the dead warps the game quite a bit. But other clans can perform this feat too if they plan for it with the right crystal:

Keeper of Souls

Heroes are an important part of this game, and the Keeper of Souls lets you bring them back.

Boneknife Cultists

The Boneknife Cultists interact with the reanimated units as well, but their method is more sure and a bit more dark. When a Boneknife Cultist is killed, you can guarantee to move in immediately with an reanimated unit.

Boneknife Cultists are born to die, so most of their stat power is packed into their attack rather than defense. 4 initiative is not cheap, but the power to guarantee a unit persists after a battle is strong. We promise you'll like them a lot.

Blade Dancers

While the Cultists are born to die, Blade Dancers are born to kill. This is an efficient unit that gets even more efficient when its squad kills in battle. A sudden boost of initiative can often give you back your turn when your opponent thought it was about to go to her. The tricky dancers also have an unintuitive battle card effect, and pack more of a punch against tricky and guarded cards.

The Robed Figure

Finally, the Robed Figure, who reflects the Chanters of the Skull Clan and has some really incredible art. The Robed Figure is a fright and the art alone gives me some shivers.

Next week we return to the Meteor Clan! Brush up on the Meteor Clan's first preview below, and be sure to check out the rest of the previews as well.

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