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Crystal Clans: Not What They Seem

The Water Clan, Part 1

Crystal Clans

We've been previewing Crystal Clans rules, crystals, and units week by week, and we've finally reached our last clan! Next week we'll loop back around to finish previewing the Skull Clan, but today we introduce to you the Water Clan!


These guys are definitely tricky - or maybe slippery is a better word for them. Tridents ain't cheap, but if you keep a steady flow of them in your hand, you can crank them out faster than Riley's imaginary boyfriend. Destroying a Trident and your opponent just gets a new frustration.

Tridents also have the Water Clan signature ability, Flank. Let's take a look at that.

Water Clan reference card

The Water Clan can slip around the enemy and hit them where it hurts most. Flank is a little more situational than the other signature abilities, but it can make a huge difference a couple times per game.

If your clan is jealous of Flank, you can get the same effect from this neato looking crystal:

The Foxtail

Water is just good at making resources work for them.


These guys replace themselves in your hand, with a card you want, AND they give you information about your future cards. They synergize especially well with Tridents above, to make sure you grab that ready-to-clone Trident just in time.

It's a little hard to explain the way Water Clan feels with words. At first glance, they don't look to out of the ordinary. But they just are never quite what they seem.


Shapeshifters can run out fast and hold some ground. And when the fighting starts, they suddenly turn into something much bigger and fiercer. And all to your own initiative advantage.

For the Shapeshifters' battle effect, you benefit big time if your squad is completely Psychic, which most of the Water Clan deck is.

That includes the unit below, although you'll rarely find them in a Water Clan squad.


So you're giving your enemy a unit - a real bona fide unit that can hold territory, fight for them, and steal crystals! And in playtesting, we were surprised how useful they could sometimes be. But still, 1/1 with a 3 activation cost is painful, and when these guys bite the dust, you get a big payoff.

As I said, the Water Clan is never quite what it seems. You haven't even seen any of their heros! Next week, though, we circle back to wrap up the Skull Clan. See you next week!

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