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Crystal Clans: We're Building Something

The Stone Clan, Part 1

Crystal Clans

Crystal Clans is being played! I've seen reports around the internet that it was demoed and Dice Tower Con, and that people have really loved it! Similarly, be sure to stop by our booth at Gen Con next month and sit down for a game. We promise you'll be all heart eyes emoji.

Speaking of heart eyes emoji, I'd like to introduce you today to my personal favorite clan, the Stone Clan. Instead of the reference card, let's start with some units.


The ballista is a solid little unit that benefits the friendly squads around it. This ranged support ability might seem rather strong at first, but you'll quickly discover that with so many cool abilities in the game, it's hard to choose what to keep on top so that the right abilities activate at the right moment. Sometimes, though, the unit's ability is so strong that the choice is easy.

The Egg Tosser

The Egg Tosser is an even bigger, even stronger heroic kind of ballista. With ballistas and the Egg Tosser around the board, the Stone Clan ican utilize every zone on the battlefield. They never just rush into a crystal zone and hold on for dear life. Instead they they carefully set up an infrastructure until they have an immutable fortress.

The downside to this? It's slow. Building over time is slow, but literally the Egg Tosser and Ballista are slow, with activation costs of 3. In fact, all Structure units in the game have a hefty 3-activation cost. But the Stone Clan has ways to make that work for them.

Stone Clan Reference Card

All non-structure units in the Stone Clan deck are Builder units. So they can all summon big sturdy structures right to their zone! Here's an example:


The workers build, plain and simple. And they're good at it too, partly because they're so fast. Builders are your scouts, running out onto the battlefield first, maybe dying before anyone else, but leaving behind a lasting legacy. (Namely, a big catapult.)

Ok, one more structure unit for today, and this one has some intriguing artwork:

Siege Tower

This unit is big and scary, especially if you can set it up near your opponent's home zone. But what's that in the back, pushing it along?? It seems that the Stone Clan can use materials other than dead wood to create. Whatever it is, we might see more of it in our second half Stone previews in a few weeks.

Before we end, it has been a few weeks since we've previewed the crystals themselves. Let's take a look at a couple more!

The Astral Fulcrum

Oooooh, pretty. Some crystals are a kind of extension of one clan's unique trait, and that certainly applies here. Remember, flipping a crystal means it still counts toward your 4 total, but you can no longer use its ability. (So this is a 1-time use.)

The Judge of Fate

For those moments when you just really want to get the perfect battle effect, we offer The Judge of Fate! Don't touch it with your bare hands though, or you might learn something about yourself that you don't want to know.

Ok, one more clan left to introduce you to next week, and that clan is certain to make a big splash!

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