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Crystal Clans: Lullaby

The Flower Clan, Part 1

Crystal Clans

Crystal Clan previews are moving right along! Two weeks ago we previewed the undying Skull Clan, and last week the predicting Meteor Clan.

This week we take a look at a clan that is capable of taking the battlefield by neutralizing the enemy's strengths. It's the Flower Clan! Don't fight, dear. Just lay your head here, and close your eyes...

FlowerSleep is a unique ability that could only exist in Crystal Clans with its unique squad system. When facing Flower Clan squads, you'll often need to bring more than 1 unit in order to have much of an impact, and you'll often be frustrated by the advantage these squads have in battle.

Pollen Fairies

Here is just 1 of the units that utilize Sleep. Pollen Fairies have good defense and speed, and so while their squad might not always destroy the enemy, they can hold down the territory until reinforcements arrive.

Meanwhile, the Pollen Faries' battle card effect is quite tricky, ending the battle prematurely before damage is applied. Why cede the territory? Well, you may have only started the battle as a ruse to hop around the battlefield as you wish.


Here is Wisp, a hero of the Flower Clan. Wisp has weak attack and defense, although he is quick. His use in battle isn't to fight - he rarely ever fights - but to clear the battlefield by sending foes away. By then, Wisp is safely back in your hand, ready to be summoned again or to be used as a battle card to break up another potential fight.

But the Flower Clan does need SOME muscle to win the day. Queen Bumble fits that role.

Queen Bumble

This warrior is ferocious with 10 attack. Flight is an ability that exists in more than 1 squad, and it's one of the strongest abilities in the game. Zipping around the battlefield at will and without regard to enemy units is a terrifying prospect to your enemy.

Of course, to use the flight ability, all units in the squad must be flying units. Thus, the Queen is usually either fighting alone, or with her cavalry.

Bumble Cavalry

The cavalry provide toughness and flight just like the Queen. It takes a lot of initiative to build up a flying squad with the Flower Clan, but once it's built it is one of the most vicious squads in the game.

The Flower Clan has plenty of more tough units and more tricky units that avoid battle as well. We'll take a look at them in a future preview. But next week, we'll move onto the Blood Clan, who find safety in numbers. See you next week!

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