The Summoner Wars previews are resuming their weekly occurance.  Last week we saw the title characters for the upcoming Reinforcement Packs Bellor's Retribution, and Saellas' Precision, and every week we will see one new Unit from each of these packs.  

SO Swamp Beast Unit card

First we have the Swamp Beast, who was indeed the other Unit sharing the cover with Bellor.  I suspect that this is not a natural beast, but a construction of Swamp Orc magic.  Either way, it will be a useful addition: it's a moderately tough Common Unit, and adds another way to build Vine Walls, namely from its own destruction.  I can see that they could be a real pain to have invading your territory en masse.  That's probably why they are not cheap to get, either. 

The Filth Absorption Mutant Unit card

The other preview is even more exciting.  One of the frustrating things about playing the Filth is the singularity of each Mutation: once it's destroyed, it's lost for good.  Or it was.  Now the Absorption Mutant gives us a way to get them back again: if it destroys any Unit, it can move 1 Filth card from an opponent's Discard Pile to our own Discard Pile, ready for the Demagogue to retrieve it with his Mutagist ability.  This is a wonderful addition to the Filth!  Plus, it is a moderately tough Unit: its Attack Value of 2 makes its ability more likely to be used, its 3 Life Points means it won't vanish at the first puff, and its Summon Cost of 2 makes it a very good deal, indeed.

Until next week!