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Ashes Preview: The Sky is Falling

Winged Lioness, Law of Assurance and Meteor

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"The End is Nigh."

It’s time for another Ashes preview! Today, we’ll be continuing our coverage of the two upcoming Deluxe Expansions, “The Laws of Lions” and “The Song of Soaksend”. We’ve already covered a few cards from both decks, so be sure to check those out if you haven’t already. Today, we’ll be taking a look at Odette’s first Summon Spell, a new Law, and a devastating Action Spell. Remember, you can also check out some earlier articles about Odette and Namine to learn more about them.  Now then, let’s get right to it!

Summon LionessWinged Lioness


Winged Lioness

Winged Lioness is a Unit with an attack value of 2, a life value of 2, and a recover value of 1. At a cost of 1 Divine Classand 1Basic, this is a great mid-range unit for Odette to fill out her battlefield with. The Stalk ability prevents any unit or Phoenixborn from guarding against the Winged Lioness, making  it ideal  for removing pesky, problematic units on your opponent’s  battlefield. Between this and Sword of Virtue, enemy units will be cowering in fear the moment they hit the battlefield.  

Law of Assurance

Law of Assurance

The second and final Law in Odette’s deck, Law of Assurance, is a Ready Spell that costs 1Divine Class and 1Basic. Its cost, however, is of little consequence because when Law of Assurance enters play,  it essentially pays for itself by returning two dice to the active pool.  This gives players a major boon in overcoming Illusion-heavy decks that are designed to remove dice from  a player’s active pool. This law also blocks cards with abilities that exhaust dice like Leech Warrior. Just like the Law of Sight, this card has both Bound and Fleeting. That means it won’t stay around for too long, but it can make a major difference in protecting your active pool during a crucial round!



Thus far in Ashes, we’ve only had a few spells that affect multiple units, and those were usually limited to enemy units. Meteor, on the other hand, hits EVERY unit in play. It  then follows up with an exhaustion token on each unit that survived, unless that unit’s player can pay 1Basic for each unit to avoid it. For just two dice, this  great card can help  a player, who has lost control of the board state, reset the battlefield, evening out the footing to get back in the fight!  

That’s all for this preview! Be sure to check back later this week for Namine’s next preview article, where we’ll explore the next three cards in her deck. And be sure to check back for even more Ashes coverage in the coming weeks! See you soon!