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"This is my song."

Welcome back to our first round of previews for “The Law of Lions” and “The Song of Soaksend” Deluxe Expansions! Along with the two new dice available in these sets, we’ve also previewed the Phoenixborn of Lordswall, Odette Diamnondcrest. Both Deluxe Expansions will include ten custom engraved dice and a Deluxe Deck Box designed to hold a player’s deck, tokens and dice! Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the other Phoenixborn available in these upcoming expansions. Introducing the Phoenixborn of Soaksend, Namine Hymntide!

Namine Card

Namine Hymntide

Namine has a Battlefield value of 6 and a Spellboard Value of 4, giving her the means to gain a unit advantage on many Phoenixborn, while still preserving a flexible Spellboard. Like Odette, Namine's Life Value is 17. Players will need to make use of Calming Melody to avoid direct damage abilities like those found on Phoenixborn like Jessa or Brennan for sure! This ability also lets players draw an additional card. Clever use of this and the Dice Power Ability of Sympathy magic will allow players to gain the exact tools needed to defeat their opponent!

Encore Card


Speaking of tools needed, Encore allows players to have cards in their deck work double duty, effectively becoming three more copies of any card in a player’s deck. Imagine having six copies of Molten Gold, Sympathy Pain or even Final Cry! The possibilities are endless. It’s also worth noting the selected card can be placed on the top or bottom of a player's draw pile. This allows for some great late-game options like Redirect or Shadow Counter. The free draw afterward is pretty nice too!

These next two Phoenixborn certainly look like they’re going to shake things up, and we haven’t even gotten to the other cards in their deck yet! Be sure to join us next week as we continue previews for “The Law of Lions” and “The Song of Soaksend” Deluxe Expansions. Both will be available from retailers and at our own online store soon! Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Odette’s preview as well. That’s all for now, see you next week!