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Ashes Preview: The Law of Lions

Odette Diamondcrest and Sword of Virtue

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"Judgement is mine!"

It’s time for every Ashes fan’s favorite part of a new release: Previews! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be showcasing upcoming cards from “The Laws of Lions” and “The Song of Soaksend” Deluxe Expansions. These decks are the first to use Divine and Sympathy dice, two new types of magic in Ashes. Each Deluxe Expansion will include ten custom-engraved dice and a Deluxe Deck Box with space to hold both tokens and dice. You can check out the new Dice Power Abilities here, and we’ll take a closer look at the Deluxe Deck Box very soon, but for now let’s introduce the first Divine Phoenixborn: Odette Diamondcrest.


 Odette Card

Odette Diamondcrest

Odette has a Battlefield Value of 5 and Spellboard Value of 4, which offers the standard amount of flexibility you’d expect to see for most Phoenixborn. Her Life Value of 17 is on the lower side, which is important given how Odette’s ability factors into when a player will want to Guard or not. Her special ability, Retribution, means when Odette steps in to protect her units, her opponent is going to wish she hadn’t. 2 wound tokens can eliminate most units in the game. Additionally, these wounds can’t be prevented by spells like Protection. Odette players are going to have to find a delicate balance between making the most of Retribution and keeping an eye on her Life Value of 17. Luckily, Odette has a special way of dealing with Units she can’t afford to Guard.


Sword of Virtue

Sword of Virtue

Forged by Odette herself, the Sword of Virtue has enforced the law of Lordswall for generations. This powerful artifact is capable of dispensing justice and security in equal parts. This action spell can destroy a Unit no matter what it’s Life Value for only 2 , making it an excellent removal card against any foe. Alternatively, you can use Sword of Virtue to remove all wound tokens and exhaustion from a Unit, allowing it to recover from a previous attack and get right back into the action with that unit. The versatility and low cost of Sword of Virtue means Odette can adapt to all sorts of situations and push the advantage.


That’s all for now! Join us later this week as we explore Namine Hymntide and her magical melody in “The Song of Soaksend.” Remember, both Deluxe Expansions will be available from retailers and at our own online store soon! We’ll also have more Ashes content soon, including an update on the War Within event series and more! 'Til next time!