Mice and Mystics is fun. Tail Feathers is tons of fun. Mice and Mystics is thematic. Tail Feathers is thematic. Mice and Mystics is paintable. In fact, designer Jerry Hawthrone has called it one of the most paintable games ever, thanks to the non-stop stream of tweets he continues to get of people trying out miniature painting for the first time with Chad Hoverter's incomparable sculpts. Is Tail Feathers turning out to be just as paintable?

The answer is YES! Check out some of the great work of fans below.

First off, if you missed it before, you have to see Scott King's amazing photography of Michael Jordal's paint job of Jerry's own personal copy of Tail Feathers.

Next, look at this oriole-themed starling (we'll allow the poetic license by Carmen on the PlaidHatGames.com forums):


And with enough searching, you can find a whole mess of tweets of fans' Tail Feathers paint jobs. Here's just a few!

Keep tweeting us your painted Tail Feathers minis! We love to see them. Pick up Tail Feathers from the PlaidHatGames.com store if you haven't yet, and download the free scenarios from the game page.

If you're not convinced yet, maybe Joel from Drive Thru Reviews can tell you what's what: