Lulu FirststoneI can't wait until the Rin and Brennen pre-order opens in a month or so and Bob starts dropping preview bombs on you all.

But one thing you've already seen if you read Isaac's Future of Ashes article is Lulu Firststone, Phoenixborn of Gorrenrock, our next exclusive phoenixborn.

(For more details on distribution of the exclusive cards, click here.)

We've just added Lulu to our Ashes card browser and deck builder. While you wait for previews and the pre-order, you can start deckbuilding and planning for Lulu and her exclusive card Phoenix Barrage right now!

What? You didn't know we had such a thing? Check out our Ashes card browser and deck builder today. Hundreds of decks are already been built, and now Lulu joins the fray!

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