When we announced last week that we would be offering the Phoenixborn Lulu Firststone along with purchase of the upcoming Ashes expansions on our website, fans responded with concerns over this model of distributing exclusive cards in a tournament-friendly game.

We have heard what you have to say and want to announce that we will be distributing both the Lulu and the Dimona exclusive in a number of ways.

1. When you make any Ashes purchase on our website you will have you choice of exclusive you want included with that purchase.  So if you buy both of the new expansions on our website you can get each promo thrown in for free.  Look for the pre-order coming soon.

2. We will offer both promos for sale on our website. So even if you picked up the game elsewhere you will have access to buy from us.  We are currently consulting with our EU and Canadian warehouses on what kind of shipping costs we can offer to various places in the world.

3. We have revised the contents of our tournament kits to include a copy of both the Lulu and Dimona exclusives for everyone that participates in the tournament that the kit supports.

All of us at Plaid Hat Games are overjoyed by everyone's response to Ashes since its release. We are working hard to support and grow the Ashes community. As Isaac noted, be sure to check out our Ashes deck builder, the fan-run Main Action Ashes podcast and the fan-run Ashes Facebook group while we wait with anticipation for Ashes' first expansions. Thanks for playing!


simsim80 commented:

Thanks for clearing this up... When will we be seeing the New PB cards on the site?

Posted on 2015-12-14.

yobo93 commented:

Wow, Plaidhat! This is an extremely classy move. It's one thing to make the two promos available, but you're also helping FLGS communities as well.

Thank you for answering these concerns so quickly and forthrightly.

Now I can do my part and try and get as many locals playing this awesome game as possible :)

And seriously, congratulations to Isaac and everyone at Plaid Hat for the success of Ashes. It's definitely deserved!

Posted on 2015-12-15.

JRufu commented:

I really appreciate the quick response to this. This is everything I needed to hear. Ashes is going to be big..

Posted on 2015-12-15.

skulz13 commented:

This is great to hear. There was a lot of concern in my region about the promos in an LCG. This is a great model to stimulate tournaments and still get all the cards available to everyone. Thanks for this choice to listen to us!

Posted on 2015-12-15.

alphasyndrome commented:

Great news and happy to hear about these other ways to get the promos. I don't have the time for tournaments, and the price for shipping was scaring me, but hearing that I can continue to get the expansions at a local level (and price!), while only splurging (increased cost and shipping) for the promos makes me happy.

Looking forward to additional promo characters in the future now!

Posted on 2015-12-15.

Boomer_Kable commented:

Man I love Ashes!! Only thing better than more content would be an app like Summoner Wars, then I could play all day every day! Any thought of this? Thanks.

Posted on 2015-12-15.

krokmaster commented:

Just wanted to echo the thoughts here, this is awesome and has convinced me to take the plunge and buy this game, since I can now better convince people to buy into it around here.

Posted on 2015-12-15.

nyphot commented:

I have nothing insightful to add, but wanted to echo all the happy comments in this thread. This level of generosity and fan support seems to me to be unparalleled in board games at the moment. I wear my plaid hat proudly!

Posted on 2015-12-15.

killercactus commented:

I believe that Colby just spent 1 Basic to Bolster the Ashes community and cause more people to spend 2 Basics and Order the game now that the exclusives aren't so exclusive!

See what I did there?

Posted on 2015-12-16.

Farrago commented:

Agree with all the posts above - great move and well handled response.

Posted on 2015-12-16.

robtryb commented:

Awesome this answers all the concerns I had in my previous post. Stay classy Plaid Hat!

Posted on 2015-12-18.

Devon Greatwolf commented:

I tip my Plaid Hat to you all at Plaid Hat! Thanks for providing such wonderful games, and for listening to your customers/supporters, and I wish you all the success possible!

Posted on 2015-12-23.

Desferous commented:

"We have heard what you have to say and want to announce that we will be distributing both the Lulu and the Dimona exclusive in a number of ways."

Well, with a company response like this, making sure that all who want to collect the exclusives can, I'm going full in on the game!

Very cool stance, thanks for letting all enjoy collecting the game!

P.S. Ready to preorder!

Posted on 2015-12-24.

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