Tail Feathers is on its way to gamers' hands. But the fun in the box is only the beginning!

Today, we released the first two downloadable scenarios for Tail Feathers. These are FREE printable scenarios to go along with the initial 4 scenarios in the Tail Feathers base game. These scenarios also are arriving right on the heels of the free pilot card, Twitch, we published a few weeks ago.

These items are the first of many free online expansions for Tail Feathers. Keep coming to PlaidHatGames.com to get the latest! Go to the Downloadable Content area of the Tail Feathers page to download the scenarios or check them out below. Each scenario has its own story, art, special rules, quick play forces, and custom force totals.

The Wilderberry Patch

Wilderberry Patch "Blimey!" hissed Filch. Before them was a wilderberry bush from which sprang the first blooms of the season. A bush such as that could yield the most magical of fruit and influence the outcome of the ongoing war.

This scenario features the Downwood Militia and the Vermin Raiders battling over magic berries! The zip file includes both a full-color pdf and a home-printer-friendly pdf.

Click here to download the Wilderberry Patch Tail Feathers scenario!

Four Captains

Four Captains Collin tapped on the map with a tiny claw. He sounded confident, but in his heart he worried. Would Zure’s preemptive strike be enough? If the plan collapsed, his entire army could be routed in one battle.

This scenario includes 2 new pilots, the common mouse rookie and common rat rookie pilots. The scenario itself is designed for 4 players using 2 Tail Feathers base sets, with the Mice and Mystics Sorrow and Remembrance set recommended as well. Besides the pilots, the zip file includes both a full-color scenario pdf and a home-printer-friendly scenario pdf.

Click here to download the Four Captains Tail Feathers scenario!

Click here to order Tail Feathers from PlaidHatGames.com.


demon_llama commented:

Awesome! Thank You PHG! Can't wait to print these out and play them (and since I have a tracking number now, I'm thrilling over TF coming in too) :)

Posted on 2015-12-01.

KAM commented:

Nice bonus!

Posted on 2015-12-01.

SketchRs commented:

Very cool bonus! Looking forward to playing this after Christmas.

Posted on 2015-12-01.

Jakobe commented:

Nice! Thank you!

Posted on 2015-12-01.

SaintGup commented:

I have had no message about the game. Hopefully I will get it before Christmas.

Posted on 2015-12-02.

mcraejohnny commented:

This is amazing PHG. Really impressed with all the content you provide us. Cant wait to play this game and any future installments. And just because I cant stay satiated haha, any word on a possible Tail Feathers game mat for download or purchase??

Posted on 2015-12-03.

vogelap commented:

Please post additional scenarios! We love them. Thanks!

Posted on 2017-02-14.

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