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Essen, Tail Feathers, Ashes Videos!

Interviews, Reviews and more

Wow, Plaid Hat Games has been streaming on internet videos like crazy lately!

First off, Essen interviews! Here's Colby with Würfel Reviews discussing all things Plaid Hat, including some nuggets about the future Crossroads space game:

You can also check out Würfel Reviews' interviews with Isaac Vega, the designer of Dead of Winter and Ashes, and Jerry Hawthorne, the designer of Mice and Mystics and Tail Feathers!

Tail Feathers was featured on a recent episode of Board Game Blender in the Board Game Corner segment (to find the interview go to the 27:30 mark):

You can also hear an interview with Jerry about Tail Feathers on a recent Punched and Played Podcast episode.

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn is still making the review rounds. Here's Shut Up and Sit Down's glowing review!

Review: Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn from ShutUpShow on Vimeo.

Marnaudo likes it too!

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