Internationale Spieltage SPIEL in Essen has begun!

Jerry at Essen

You can find Plaid Hat Games at Hall 3 3-R100.

Tail Feathers pre-release is for sale! (You can also pre-order Tail Feathers in our store.)

You can buy Ashes, Specter Ops and Dead of Winter as well! (While supplies last.)

Jerry, Colby and Isaac are all there!

Be sure to stop by the booth, say hi, get a photo, and buy some great games!!

Twitter feeds below!

Official PHG Twitter

Jerry Hawthorne

Isaac Vega


KAM commented:

There's not a chance you could air-drop a couple of those Tail Feather's boxes over the midwest on your flight back is there? No...didn't think so.
Waiting is difficult.

Posted on 2015-10-08.

BTBAM commented:

Interesting you say that, KAM. I Have 6 copies in the warehouse here...

Posted on 2015-10-08.

KAM commented:

WHAHAH! Dude...

Posted on 2015-10-08.

Setharillius commented:

Does the Tail Feathers come with that mat? It looks very official, but I thought it was just the trees.

Posted on 2015-10-08.

PushesPixels commented:

@Setharillius, no, the 'Tail Feathers' game does not come with that mat. While we're looking in to the possibility of having the mat available for purchase in the future, nothing has been decided at this time.

Posted on 2015-10-08.

Shr1k13 commented:

I could fly to Germany and pick up a copy of Tail Feathers. Or, just stick with me, you could mail me one! Then I don't have to go to Germany and I still get a great game. Sort of patiently waiting :).

Posted on 2015-10-09.

dreadknot69 commented:

I had heard over at BGG that the play mats were going to be available for download. Are those up yet?

Posted on 2015-11-11.

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