Welcome to This Week in Plaid, in which I post a bunch of links and try to pass it off as "writing."

Origins and Texas

Much of the Plaid crew spent last weekend in Columbus, Ohio for America's second biggest tabletop convention, ORIGINS. We demo'd many games and introduced people to Ashes, Specter Ops, and more.

If you've never been at a convention with a Plaid Hat prescence, you're missing out! Everyone who stops by has a good time. (Also, promos!)


The best place to keep up with us at conventions is to follow the Twitter feeds. For origins, you can find the feeds of those who were there on this news post. (Brian's Twitter feed has quickly reverted to a coffee-based Twitter feed.)

At the end of the con, all company employees and their families headed to Texas, the new HQ of Plaid Hat Games! Even I headed there, though I still reside in Ohio, driving the truck with all Plaid possessions in tow to the new office.

Ashes Excitement!

Not only did the first couple copies of Ashes off the presses arrive in Woodville just in time before Origins, but Rodney got his copy and will be making the rules video soon!

We got to do a TON of Ashes demos at Origins, and even had 4 games going at once whenever we could.


Ashes is available for pre-order at the PlaidHatGames.com store. Pre-order today from our site and get $15 off the retail price! Order from PlaidHatGames.com and get a free Dimona Odinstar promo Phoenixborn, along with her exclusive Rayward Knight ally!

I demo'd the game all weekend and couldn't get enough of it, even facing off against Colby on a sidewalk to get more Ashes in. What I told people all week that this is simply the most polished customizable game I've ever seen. It's an amazing piece of gaming craftsmanship, thanks to Isaac, Bob, Dave, Fernanda, and others!!

The forums are abuzz with Ashes content. Join in the discussion! Bob has been there answering questions. You can already join in on discussions of particular match-ups as well as potential deckbuilds.

Summoner Wars Alliances

Don't think Ashes as made us forget our first love. Summoner Wars Alliances continues to fuel new love and excitement for Summoner Wars.

Tortugatron has the common battle moving forward. We're down to the sweet 16!

bmwrider has gotten a few great discussions going on Ret-Talus strategy, as well as playing vs Jexik and choosing the most fun match-ups.

commandercool is exploring deckbuilding possibilities using the power of community:

Join in the discussions!


KAM commented:

Podcast or Riot, Joe.

Posted on 2015-06-12.

Phuzzworthy commented:

I went to origins on saturday just to hang out with the Plaid Hat crew one last time, but Ashes was so popular that I spent a couple hours answering questions about Ashes to people observing the demos. Eventually Plaid Hat opened more demo seats up because of the crowd and so I jumped in to help out. The 2 players on the top left were entrenched magic players at the con for a major magic tournament that really got into the game. It was awesome seeing others enjoying ashes as much as I do!

Posted on 2015-06-12.

AvatarLoki commented:

I'm really pleased to see that Rodney has a copy now; looking forward to the Watch It Played video!

Posted on 2015-06-13.

knucklehead commented:

As much as I am excited to see the Watch It Played episode, I already feel bad for Rodney as Luke's uncanny dice rolling will inevitably lead to a win while Rodney will defy all probability and roll all generic.

Posted on 2015-06-14.

darkbladecb commented:

Aw, Joe used all the pictures that I'm in.

I should know next time if I look purposefully terrified that it'll make the site news.

Posted on 2015-06-15.

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