Origins Game Fair

If you're keeping up with the official Plaid Hat Games Twitter feed, you saw yesterday that we got in the first test-run production copy of Ashes (!!!).

Just look at that beautiful punch board and that giant bag of dice! Also note Colby's complete lack of a bald spot. The guy doesn't age!

That means if you visit us at Origins in Columbus Ohio later this week (June 4-7) you might have a chance to play the first production copy of our newest game! (Or if not the production copy, one of our high-quality prototypes with final art and dice.)

Feel those chunky custom dice in your hands. Marvel at the art and design of Fernanda and Dave. And jump into experiencing Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn for yourself!

That's not all we'll have at the booth. Demo all our recent releases, from Specter Ops to Dead of Winter, not to mention the old favorites that some have not yet experienced. There are great deals, stop by our booth!

Below are some of our Twitter feeds to keep up with if you can't make it to the event.

 See you at the con!

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Joe Ellis is the Plaid Hat Games Director of Online Initiatives.