Have you explored the Plaid Hat Games event system? Become a Plaid Hat Corps member or an official Plaid Hat Retailer and you can create events at official Plaid Hat Retailer locations or otherwise, and even receive PlaidHatGames.com credit for doing so (at PHG retailer locations)!

Best of all, the events are published on our website, searchable by location, and you can use the system to find more events near you.

Here's what the PlaidHatGames.com community has going on so far just in the month of May!

Mice and Mystics Events
May 2, 2015
1715 Fairgrounds Avenue Hamilton, OH 45011

Mice and Mystics Campaign Chapter 5
May 4, 2015
White Flag Games

Mice & Mystics Demo Series- Chapter 11
May 6, 2015
Victory Point Board Game Cafe

Parkersburg Summoner Wars League
May 8, 2015
J & M's Used Bookstore

Dead of Winter Demo
May 9, 2015
Duncanville Bookstore

Mice and Mystics Demo Night!
May 9, 2015
1250 Howe Avenue #3A Sacramento, California 95825

Summoner Wars Tournament
May 11, 2015
White Flag Games

May Plaid Hat @ Gamer's Haven
May 12, 2015
Gamer's Haven

Mice & Mystics Demo Series- Lost Chapter 1
May 13, 2015
Victory Point Board Game Cafe

Mice and Mystics Chapter 1 at The Geekery
May 17, 2015
The Geekery

Summoner Wars: Casual Play/Learn to Play
May 17, 2015
98 Wadsworth Blvd. #118, Lakewood, CO

Mice and Mystics Campaign Chapter 6
May 18, 2015
White Flag Games

May Plaid Hat @ Petrie's
May 21, 2015
Petrie's Family Games

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