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When: 12:30 pm, Sunday, May 17, 2015
Mountain Standard Time

Mile High Comics
98 Wadsworth Blvd. #118
Lakewood, CO

More Fun, More Learning. Everyone who has been attending is having a blast learning the best card battle game around. Please join us to share in the fun.

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Did it happen? yes

Number of Attendees: 8

Summary of Results:
A guy beat me by getting 5 Ragnor 'Fury's in a row (1 in 243 probability)

7 plus me. 3 completely new players, 4 returners from previous weeks. We played 10 games total! Two of the guys had bought... master set and/or alliances, and that one guys is going to HAVE to get his hands on Tundra Orcs now b/c 'Fury' ftw.

Approval Status of Results: approved credit awarded: Coupon awarded: 10

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