Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Jungle Shadows: Darkness

Old shadowy tricks done in new ways

The first two previews for the upcoming Jungle Shadows faction highlighted their speed and ferocity, that is how they used jungle chants and shadow magic to boost their movement and attack values. Today we shall see more effects of their shadow magic.  

Melundak, Summoner of the Jungle Shadows

The summoner finally shows himself! And we see that Melundak takes the Shadow Elf Hunter's Shadow Step and expands to any of his units: once per turn, he can summon a unit to a space adjacent to one of his units, rather than one of his walls.

 Shadow, Common of the Jungle Shadows

The spirit of Taliya's Return Spirit returns with the JS Shadow Common unit.  At anytime during your turn the Shadow can slip into the shadows, off the battlefield and into your hand, to be summoned another time.  But there's more: when he is destroyed you can immediately replace him with another Shadow from your hand, at the cost of one MP. 

 The Child, Champion of the Jungle Shadows

The Child also uses Shadow's Scatter, being able to return himself to your hand while losing all wounds in the process, just as Taliya does to others. He obviously cannot replace himself with a copy of himself the way a Shadow does, but he has his own benefit: his movement is one higher than normal.  

Consume in Darkness, a Jungle Shadow Event

Finally, Melundak has a very special combative weapon: he can give 2 wounds to every adjacent enemy unit. What's more, if this destroys any of them, he heals one of his own wounds, making Melundak one of the few Summoners that can heal himself in battle. 

There you have it: a deck that is explosive both in its speed and its damage, a deck that is easy and fun to use.  Thursday we finish up with the Vargath Vanguard, and next week we start with the final two factions from SW: Alliances.

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