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Jungle Shadows!: Speed

Two Elf factions join their talents for rapid attacks

Happy preview day!

Jungle Shaadows card back

Jungle Elves card back                              Shadow Elves card back

Today we start the preview of the Alliance faction Jungle Shadows.  The Jungle Elves are skilled in using jungle animals as helpers, while the Shadow Elves cultivate the shadows to hide them until they strike suddenly from the dark.  They are both good at quick movement, and in their alliance they are one of the most explosive factions seen. 

Shaman, Common of the Jungle Shadows

The JS have a Common unit that uses Abua Shi's Chant of Haste to increase a nearby unit's movement by 2 spaces. They are not as efficient at it as Abua Shi: they spend a MP to use it, and can only do 1 Common at a time, compared to 3 Commons or 1 Champion.  But they are reliable, being able to do it once per turn per Shaman, rather than only through 2 Event cards.

 Gargos, Champion of the Jungle Shadows

Gargos is a fitting representative of this alliance: he mimics the abilities of an animal of the night. He can move over other units, and can move an extra 2 spaces after attacking. The thought of him jumping over a blocking unit, attacking with 3 dice, and jumping back, is pretty terrifying.

 Track, a Jungle Shadows Event

Finally, Melundak has learned how to use his Stone to mimic Selundar's Stalking Advance, and even do it one better -- literally.  He can move all his units up to two spaces each, not just one. (This does require ending up next to an enemy unit, however, so it's not always superior to SA.)

That is all for today.  The Jungle Shadows have the normal number of cards: no Conjurations, no special rules, no new mechanics.  There are fewer cards to drool over, but the abilities are straight-forward, easy to use, and deadly.

Until next week!

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