Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Deep Benders: More Benefits of Boosting

There is more than seen at first glance

Last week we saw the new mechanic that the Deep Benders provide: boosting their Common units, which both enhances their stats and unlocks their oh-so-nice abilities.  Of course, the Summoner Endrich is not content with just boosting them.  There is much more that he does, as we will now see.

Endrich, Summoner of the Deep Benders

For starters, Endrich has copied Sorgwen's Telepathic Command and can get an extra attack from a boosted unit at the end of each Attack Phase.  But the interface between psychomancy and gem magic must be less efficient, since Geopathic Command costs 1 Magic Point each time.

Teleport, Event of the Deep Benders

As is common in times of war, good ideas are copied quickly.  One ability that is in a few factions is the ability for units to exchange places. Endrich, obviously seeing the usefulness of this ability, has learned how to do it himself.

Finally, having invented the technique of boosting, Endrich has developed several ways of tinkering with its MP economy, to make it as flexible as possible.

Unlock, a Deep Bender Event

First, at times he can boost up to 2 units without the expenditure of Magic.

Kendre, Champion of the Deep Benders

Second, he has a Champion that can shift the boosted status from one unit to another.

Reclaim, a Deep Bender Event

Third, he can undo the boosted status of as many units as he likes and get back all the Magic he put into them.

When I first looked at the Deep Bender cards, one of my first thoughts was, "Why bother with boosting?  Why not just pay the higher MP cost at the start?"  This is a question some of you have had, too.  After further study, here are some answers I came up with:

  1. Without boosting, the DB Common units are fairly priced.  With boosting, they are a bit underpriced because their abilities are good.
  2. Between Kendre and Unlock, there are ways to boost units without MP expenditure.
  3. The two-tier summon/boost expense adds flexibility, allowing you to summon just a basic unit if that's all you need or can afford.
  4. Boosting also makes the units eligible for Geopathic Command and Teleport.
  5. Reclaim lets you take back the boosting if you need the Magic more.

Can you think of any others?

Next week we'll see that boosting is not all the Endrich can do. Until then!

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