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Dead of Winter Crossroad Card Creator

Now live!

Update: I have now modified the "sharing" functions a bit to lighten the load on the server. This means, if you want others to be able to download a PDF of all your public cards at once, you need to manually click the link to create your public PDF, and click that each time you want to update that file.

Dead of Winter pre-orders are oh-so-close! And by the time it gets here, you'll have the ability to customize the experience like never before.

One of the key mechanics of Dead of Winter, and the Crossroads Game series in general, is the crossroads card mechanic. Each turn, the player to the right of the active player draws a card from the crossroads deck. This card has a trigger on it. If that trigger happens before the end of the turn, play is interrupted and a choice must be made, by the active player or others, that could split the colony or crush the hopes and dreams of teammates/opponents. For example:


The base game comes with a whopping 80 crossroad cards, so you'll be sure to get a ton of plays in before you are familiar with most of the cards.

However, now, you can always keep the cards fresh, as today Plaid Hat Games is releasing online the Dead of Winter Crossroads Card Generator.

Using simple text boxes, you can write your own cards, see the images, and download PDFs.

Just keep the following in mind:

  • By submitting anything, you are granting Plaid Hat Games full ownership and full permission to use what you write in future physical or app releases.
  • You can select some of your cards to be "public," and one someone loads your username, they'll be able to download your "suite" of public cards in PDF form, thereby allowing each user to create their own "pack" of cards. You are limited to 50 cards saved at a time.
  • Keep in mind even if you do not save a card as public, it will still be viewable to administrators.
  • Anyone can create cards, but to save cards for later or to make public, you must be logged in.

Get the creative juices flowing and create some crossroad cards!

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