Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter
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Welcome to the Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Games Crossroads Card Creator.

Crossroads is a new series from Plaid Hat Games that tests a group of survivors' ability to work together and stay alive while facing crises and challenges from both outside and inside. Click here to order Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game.

Crossroad Cards help tell the story of each session of Dead of Winter. At the beginning of a player's turn, the player to their right draws a Crossroads Card and reads it, but not out loud. If the card's trigger happens during that turn, the player holding the crossroads card interrupts play and reads the card allowed, leading to a thematic and agonizing choice for the group or the active player.

Now, players can create their own Crossroads Card using this web appliction. Create and print cards as much as you like. If you are logged into our site home page, you can save your cards for later or print them out in a single PDF. By creating cards on this site, you grant permission to Plaid Hat Games to use those cards or ideas in any way for any reason. (That's another reason to make sure you're logged in; if a card you create shows up in a print-and-play on our site or in a future expansion, we can't cite you as the author if we don't know who you are.)

In order to share all your cards as a collected PDF, you must use the "Click here to create your public PDF file" link to create the pdf. You will then be provided with a sharable URL. (Users can also then download your PDF by visiting this site.)

Note: Language translations of published cards are prohibited. Only post original cards.

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