Last week I mentioned that things were getting ready for the annual BGG Geek Madness tournament. (See here for details.) I have good news and bad news.

The good news: Summoner Wars made it into the tournament automatically, for being one of the 50 highest rated games at BoardGameGeek. And, Mice & Mystics was second highest among the write-in candidates for the remaining 14 slots!

The bad news: Both games are facing strong opponents. Summoner Wars's first opponent is Battlestar Galactica, a semi-cooperative game where the players struggle to save humanity, but one of the players may be a traitor. (Hmm... sounds like Dead of Winter, doesn't it? Well, some of our PHG staff are fans of BSG, so it makes sense.) And Mice & Mystics is paired off with Dominion, the granddaddy and still-reigning king of all deck-building games. As of this writing -- 2 days into the round, and 4 days before voting ends -- Mice and Mystics trails 432 - 704, and Summoner Wars is behind 352 - 638.

But I do not despair.  I have confidence that there is enough support for the PHG games to give their opponents a good run for the money, if they are mobilized.  Go here to vote for Summoner Wars, and here to vote for M&M.  You vote by clicking on the green thumb icon, and to do that you have to be logged in to BGG (membership is free).

This round ends Sunday, March 23rd, in the afternoon BGG time (Central).

While you're there, check out the other match-ups and vote for any game you'd like to see win -- even BSG or Dominion if you want!  Just have fun thinking about why you love the games you love, and learning about other games out there.