NOTE: Applications are now closed. We received a ton of applications! Thanks to those who applied.

There's been a lot of hustle and bustle around since we upgraded the Plaid Hat Corps system. By registering to be a Plaid Hat Corps member, you can now host events that give you credit in the Plaid Hat Games store, volunteer to demo with us at an upcoming convention for similar benefits, and, now, apply to be a playtester for upcoming games.

The first game we'll be recruiting playtesters through for is Mice and Mystics: Downwood Tales. This is the upcoming, highly anticipated big-box expansion for Mice and Mystics whose miniatures have been featured lately on the Mice and Mystics Facebook page.

You can apply to be a playtester by signing up to be a Plaid Hat Corps member and then going to the playtest page. Applying involves submitting an NDA, which means downloading, printing it out, signing, scanning and uploading. Responsibilities and perks are listed on the appropriate pages, as well as below.

Playtesters will be responsible to print and assemble their own playtest copies within 2 weeks of receiving download files. Each playtester must report and log plays, participate in forums, and adhere to the terms of the NDA. Playtesters that are found to be inactive will be removed from the playtester forums.

Playtesters will receive a $75 dollars in Plaid Hat Games Credit which they can use to buy Downwood Tales when released or any of our other Plaid Hat Games products.

10 games will be required to receive the credit. All playtesters that log 2 or more plays will receive credit in the rule book. Playtesters should have a good knowledge of (and should already own) Mice & Mystics.