Since its inception, Plaid Hat Games has been as much about the community around its games as it has been about the games. Fan involvement and support has been part of the core of what Plaid Hat Games is. Between the faithful community, the army of podcast Dougs, and the playtesting teams that bring our games to life, Plaid Hat Games is, like any successful venture, ultimately a collaborative effort.

Today we're announcing a new Plaid Hat Corps system in which we invite Plaid Hat Games fans to partner with us more than ever before.

All fans of Plaid Hat Games are now encouraged to sign up for the Plaid Hat Corps. (Click here to register.) There are no required actions once you're a member to stay a member, but once your registration has been processed, you'll have the opportunity to partner with us in the following ways:

  • Host Demo Events: Host a demo of a Plaid Hat Games game at an official PHG retailer (they can register if they're not one already) and receive a $10 credit to the store.
  • Host a Tournament: Host a tournament of one of our games at an official PHG retailer (they can register if they're not one already) and receive a $10 credit to the store, $20 if there are 8 participants or more.
  • Volunteer at a Convention: Work with us at an official convention, demoing games and being part of the Plaid Hat Games booth, receiving T-shirts, store credit, a pass to the convention, and more. Plaid Hat Corps members will automatically receive an e-mail when these opportunities are available, and there's already a few conventions we're accepting applications for.
  • Playtest: Playtest opportunities will be a part of this system in the future as well. Playtesting usually earns you a free copy of the game if you meet the minium responsibilities, as well as other benefits.

At Plaid Hat Games, we have a deep appreciation for how much fans mean to the company as supporters and as the ones who get our games into the hands of others. If you're out there telling people how great one of our games is, trying to get them to play it, or organizing events around it, we invite you to register for the Plaid Hat Corps today so you can earn benefits here on the Web site and increase your involvement. If you haven't been an active participant in the fan community here at, now is the best time to jump on board!

Those who were members of the Plaid Hat Corps before these changes will receive an e-mail soon with complete details on how it will all work.

Click here to register for the Plaid Hat Corps.

Click here to see current convention volunteer opportunities.

Click here to create a demo or tournament event as a Plaid Hat Games official retailer.