Two weeks ago the first puzzle was put on the news page. It was an absolute doozy of a puzzle and led to some interesting discussion in the puzzles thread. From now on, easier difficulty puzzles with be posted on these main pages periodically, with difficult puzzles in the forum thread dedicated to the puzzles which can be found here. The opening post has a link to every puzzle to date and contains discussion and other information.

For those wondering, Easy puzzles will be classified based on a few factors. First off, all cards will be visible. Unlike last week's Filth Puzzle you won't have to know all the possible cards and imagine what ones you need to draw. All cards will be on the table that you need. In addition, the puzzle will be relatively easier to solve, as judged by me. That means there won't be any odd rules that might not be known to the casual player, nor will it involve very complex tactics such as the mutation swapping found in last week's Filth Puzzle. (For the solution to that beast, head here.) For those interested, Hard Puzzles will involve complex tactics, figuring out what is needed to draw, or odd rule interactions that might not be readily known by the casual player. Hard Puzzles will be posted in the forum periodically so feel free to Subscribe to the Puzzle Thread if you're interested.

As always, submissions for puzzles are always welcome. If you have an idea for a future puzzle, feel free to PM myself, Ranior. I'm always looking for ideas. If you have suggestions for better presentation or other improvements, just chime in as well. We're always looking to improve.

Finally, a reminder to keep solutions to yourself, and please do not share hints. Every person deserves a chance to solve the puzzle for themselves if they so desire. Feel free to share solutions and hints in private, but leave such things free from the public eye so that all can have the fun or torture of trying to get the answer unaided.

Puzzle #9: This week's puzzle is made by Ranior. Feel free to PM him for any hints or solutions.

Story: Elien and Abua have just begun to battle. Abua went first, killing 2 of his own units, and moving a Lioness forward. Elien retaliated by killing one of his Archers, and sending his Guardian forward to kill a Lioness. Elien wisely utilized his Warrior's Blaze Step ability to protect himself, and then went ahead and built his entire hand to rapidly get to 7 magic. Abua is starting to feel the heat, but after drawing his hand of 5 cards, believes he has a way to enact some justice on Elien.

Objective: Kill Elien this turn. (Assume all dice rolled will be hits)

Situation: You are the Jungle Elves. The 5 cards in your hand are to the left of the board, and are a JE Gorilla, Chant of Haste, Chant of Deception, a Wall, and Chant of Negation. You currently have 2 magic. Assuming all dice will hit, detail the summons, movements, and attacks neccesary to kill Elien this turn.


Puzzle 9


TheOne commented:

I got one. Slightly tricky, less than the last one, tho. :D

Posted on 2013-04-04.

orcelfarmyone commented:

I need a medium difficulty. I can't figure out the hard ones, but this one was quick for me (partly because my dad basically only plays PE and TO).

Posted on 2013-04-04.

Viegon commented:

Nice. Much easier then the last one, I figured it out pretty quickly. I agree that a medium difficulty would fit me well.

Posted on 2013-04-04.

schmots commented:

Yeah. The last one melted my brain. This one is far too easy. However love the new screenshot ability of vassal shown here

Posted on 2013-04-04.

Ranior commented:

Yes. The new screenshot is MUCH better. I can get very large photos. In fact if you open that image in a new window and pull it up full size, it's huge. You can get really close. You can even read the text on the PE cards. The JE cards don't have enough resolution in Vassal for you to be able to read them (I believe those are card scans from someone and so aren't really up to snuff up close). Other factions though should have even better cards in Vassal (newer factions), and so we should wind up with great images.

Difficulty even on the "easy" puzzles will go up. If you go the thread, I think there are a few puzzles in there that are of a more medium difficulty. That FL puzzle was probably the hardest one we've had made yet (or maybe the other JE one), so it makes sense to not post those super hard ones on the news page.

Glad that this one is being received well though. Getting better at hitting the right level of presentation and difficulty here.

Posted on 2013-04-04.

glenn3e commented:

Having played JE a lot on the IOS, I got this one pretty fast. Especially since the JE has precision in this matchup. :-D

Posted on 2013-04-04.

Divljan commented:

Personally, I adored the Filth puzzle from last week. It taught me something new and made me want to try the Filth more. This week's puzzle is ok, just pretty easy. I do hope the harder puzzles that teach you more about the game will still keep coming!

Posted on 2013-04-05.

Ranior commented:

I've had a mixed reaction on the very difficult puzzle, which is why they will no longer appear on the front page. A lot of traffic comes thru here, and I don't want to have new players get discouraged by a puzzle like the last one.

Difficult ones will still make their way into the forums. You just won't see them on the main page anymore. I think this is the best way to keep a wide group happy and intrigued.

Posted on 2013-04-05.

schmots commented:

Would it break the vassal module if we just replaced the low rez images with higer rez versions on our local install providing the naming and permissions remain the same?

Posted on 2013-04-05.

BigolPhatD commented:

Very nice puzzle! Pretty simple since I play JE a lot but a lot of fun nonetheless. :)

Posted on 2013-04-05.

Joseph commented:

I couldn't figure it out, why? I forgot the right-most column existed. brain fart. :p It took me a minute to figure it out after that.

Posted on 2013-04-05.

Spazzfist commented:

Got it

Posted on 2013-04-06.

ZeeJr commented:

Great puzzle. This is one of my favorite tactics to use with the jungle elves. The lack of magic had me stumped for a minute.

Posted on 2013-04-07.

kalrhin commented:

This should be classified as Jungle Elves 101. Assuming precision on all JE makes it easy, but even if we do not assume so, we can roll quite a few dice on the PE...:)

Posted on 2013-04-08.

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