Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Ice and Arrows

The second report from the scouts sent after Torgan.


We have been able to spy more of Torgan and his forces in action, and we have the grim news that the Ice Walls we discussed in our first report are just the beginning of the ways they use ice in battle. 

Torgan sometimes uses his Summoning Stone to form protective armor for his troops out of ice!  They look like bizarre arctic crabs or turtles, but it is effective.  They are trained in using it, so if they wish they can take a defensive stance, in which the most vicious attack can do nothing more than shatter the ice protecting them.

Ice Armor, a Torgan Event card

And Torgan is not the only one in his army who can invoke magic to work the ice.  There is a champion in his force who can make Ice Walls shatter.  Sometimes this just results in the destruction of the wall, but usually it makes the wall explode with deadly shards to all nearby. 

Krom, Champion of the Tundra Orcs

Even some of the common troops use ice to their advantage.  We were very displeased to see that Torgan has archers among his forces.  These are the first reliable missile units we have seen the Tundra Orcs muster.  Not only are they more dependable than Grognack's Shamans, but when they are next to one of their walls they draw on them to strengthen the destructive power of the arrows they shoot -- which are tipped with ice, of course. 

Shooter, Common of the Tundra Orcs

What's more, we have seen another champion among them who has taken this ability to a master's level.  The normal Shooters can only draw on one wall at a time, but this champion can draw on every wall near her.  When you combine this talent with Torgan's ability to moves his Ice Walls around, it can be truly terrifying. 

Grok, Champion of the Tundra Orcs

Unfortunately, this is not the end of surprises.  We have more to spy out, and we'll tell it as soon as we know it.