Forgotten Waters Remote Assistant Launched

Play Forgotten Waters with your friends while apart

Remote Play Assistant

Today, Plaid Hat Games is launching the Forgotten Waters Remote Play Assistant! Now, with a minimum of one physical copy of Forgotten Waters, you can play with your friends across the internet!


Forgotten Waters Remote Play Assistant

I have been blown away by the glowing reviews and positive responses to our ambitious, narrative pirate game - and this is with a large majority of games being at low player counts, missing out on the fun of playing with a larger group. This remote assistant should have you playing with your favorite gaming friends no matter where you are, with 4-7 total players.

How does it work?

To use the remote assistant, coordinate a day and time to play with a group of friends , as well as a way to communicate during the game (Google Meet, Zoom, Discord, etc). Then, when you sit down to play, one person goes to and clicks "create game," then shares the provided link with the rest of the group!

What does the remote assistant take care of?

The remote assistant syncs up ship stats, infamy, location dials, treasure and story cards, the objective card, player roles, and cannons between players. It also shows the action overview and syncs up choosing actions between players.

What parts are needed from the physical game to play?

One player will need to set up the game map and all tokens that go on the map - the ship, navigation tokens, and special location tokens - and they'll need to share this map with other players when scouting or moving the ship. One player will also need a ship log.

At least one player will need to have the Location Book open in front of them to help players resolve their actions. The more players that have this, the smoother the game can be, but only one player absolutely needs it.

Every player will need a player sheet (downloaded from our Forgotten Waters support page if necessary), a 12-sided die, and constellation/reroll/misfortune tokens (available in the box but can be substituted easily).

What about the normal app? Does this replace that app?

No, this app is needed to play remotely, in addition to the main app. So one player will need to have the regular app open on their computer or device, and have their screen shared (ideally sharing screen audio audio as well, which can be done on Google Meet, Zoom, and some other services). The app is still used to time rounds and read event entries as normal.

Can I use the app to stream my games live?

Yes, this app should work great for streaming, with the app and one player's remote assistant screen shared, as well as a view of the map if possible.

hide code

HOWEVER, be sure to click "hide code" from the main game screen before you start streaming live. If someone has access to the game code on the screen or in your address bar, they could mess with your game, so always hide the code when streaming live. (If publishing a video after the game, there is no need to hide the game code.)

Wow, this is cool, and makes me want to buy Forgotten Waters! Where can I get it?

We are currently out of direct sales copies, but the US retail release is June 5, 2020. The game is distributed by Asmodee North America, so please order from your local retailer as soon as possible. Click here for more information about Forgotten Waters.

2-4 hours
Forgotten Waters plunges players into the lives of pirates aboard the finest ship ever to sail the seas. Play through exciting app-assisted scenarios, and laugh as you and your friends decide if you want to save the world, or bonk it on the head and steal its money.
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