In my first report on Queen Maldaria's forces I described types of fighting units that are new to the Phoenix Elves.  I am pleased to be able to say that not all her troops are that unique: many of them use the same abilities and training we have seen in others, though with some new twists. 

Duke Ramazall, for example, shows the same precision in battle that the Phoenix Guardians show -- he apparently never fails to draw blood when he attacks.  I suspect that he is the one behind the training the Guardians have received.  He definitely is as much above the Guardians in battle as a master is to his students.  His noble status in their kingdom is higher still: some say he almost rivals Prince Elien.  Even seeing him from a distance, I could tell he does not have Elien's reported frailty.  He is a man to keep an eye on.  

Duke Ramazall, Champion of the Phoenix Elves

A related new development that is exciting or alarming -- depending on how Maldaria will choose to fight in these wars -- is that she has a corps of archers that are as deadly as the Guardians!  Elves of all tribes make good archers, but this is unprecedented: instead of focusing on speed or range, these Fire Archers are focused on accuracy, and they include many of their best shots.  

Fire Archer, Common of the Phoenix Elves

I have managed to befriend one of the Fire Archers, and he has confided (or boasted, rather) that the Queen values her precise troops so much that she often uses her Stone to enhance them.  I said I knew Prince Elien could grant temporary precision to any of his troops, but no, he corrected me, the Queen has found a way to make all her precise troops hit with greater force!  He was pleased with my awestruck reaction, which was no act: this power can win many battles for her, if she is wise enough to know when to use it.   

Passion of the Phoenix, a Queen Maldaria Event card

All of Maldaria's precise troops are now people to keep an eye on.